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“Our Commitment to Ayushman Bharat Yojana in Ayodhya”

At Sunayan Eye Hospital, we proudly align ourselves with the noble mission of Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Our commitment to this transformative healthcare initiative is reflected in our dedication to providing accessible, high-quality medical care to all. With Ayushman Bharat, we stand united in the pursuit of a healthier, more resilient nation, ensuring that every patient receives the care they deserve. Your well-being is our priority, and together with Ayushman Bharat, we’re fostering a healthier tomorrow for all.

Serving Ayodhya's Eye Health Needs

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care with a touch of compassion and excellence. We are committed to serving the community of Ayodhya and beyond, ensuring that your vision remains our top priority.

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About Us

Certified Dentists Committed to Excellence

We are a team of 3 certified dentists specialised in offering the best dental treatments in town. With adequate experience of over 12 years, we have mastered the skills of offering the best solutions with the latest technologies.
Our Services

All Your Dental Needs at One Place

Cosmetic Dentistry

Need help with teeth bleaching, enamel bonding and more? You can count on us for the best cosmetic services.

Dental X-Rays​

X-rays help us reach the root cause of trouble and that’s where we like to dig in and help you with the right treatment.

Root Canals​

Root canals can be painful. But, we assure the most painless and tension-free root canal treatments in town.

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Meet Our Doctor

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Dr. Gajendra Pal

Dr. Gajendra Pal, a prominent eye specialist in Ayodhya, is the visionary founder and dedicated owner of Sunayan Eye Hospital. With a passion for eye care and a commitment to improving vision health in Ayodhya.

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